Affirmation Deck: Cards for Wholeness

The Salvaged Sawhorse

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Deck of 30 affirmations to promote confidence, self-love and inspiration.

Each order includes a beautiful deck of affirmations and a bundle of palo santo.

Our deck of Wholeness cards are an antidote to the stream of judgmental and negative thoughts that cross our brain several times a day. It’s proven that if we say something enough times our brain will accept it as truth. But how often are we using positive, uplifting, empowered language when we speak to ourselves? Instead we make off-hand negative comments without thinking of the impact they have. Our thoughts are powerful and if we aren’t cognizant of what we are telling ourselves, we start accepting those off-hand statements as truth.

Use this deck of 30 positive affirmations to change your inner dialogue. Choose a card, recite the affirmation several times and display it in a place where you will see it throughout the day. Over time your brain will believe that statement, your thoughts will follow and watch your reality change as a result.

Artist Jennifer Velasquez is a Latina migraine warrior. She creates stunning self-care and affirmation tools along with art and stickers. Her work promotes the belief that our worth is not determined by our health or productivity. She creates easy to use self-care tools, available in both Spanish and English. The Affirmations for Kids deck makes a great gift!