Fall Poetry Bookmark

Lantern Print Co.

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Bookmark that showcases fall-inspired imagery and quotes.

Double sided with a poetic quote or affirmation on one side, and an illustration on the other.

— Energy "I control the energy that surrounds me."

- 6"x2" size
- 150# Cover stock
- UV matte coating
- Rounded corners
- Double Sided

Created for us by North California-based artist Lindsay Hook of Lantern Print Co. Lindsay wanted to create a brand that celebrated magic, witches, and the power of our natural world.

According to Lindsay, "the name Lantern Print Co., and more specifically, the lantern symbol— was selected to represent my desire to create art that is full of beauty, hope, mystery, and adventure. A reminder that light shines in the darkest of places. I enjoy the escape that art can create in both making it and enjoying it, and I believe it is a form of magic in itself."