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Feed The Soul Deck

The Salvaged Sawhorse

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In this deck you'll find a collection of prompts, rituals and activities designed to help you connect with YOU. To nudge to step away from routine and feed your soul. It's so easy to live our life on automatic and neglect our needs. This deck helps you practice self-care by introducing easy activities you can complete weekly.

Some of the activities included: free writing, sitting by a fire, meditation, tidying up, reaching out to friends, activism, etc. The activities have been proven to boost happiness and increase well-being based on research studies and you'll find them recommended by experts. Many of these prompts were cited throughout the popular Yale course, "The Science of Wellbeing."

The deck includes 31 cards and an information card.

All the artwork is original, created by artist Jenn Velasquez.

Dimensions of cards:
- 3.5" x 5"

Artist Jennifer Velasquez is a Latina migraine warrior. She creates stunning self-care and affirmation tools along with art and stickers. Her work promotes the belief that our worth is not determined by our health or productivity. She creates easy to use self-care tools, available in both Spanish and English. The Affirmations for Kids deck makes a great gift!