Hummingbird Sticker - Animal Guide Collection

The Salvaged Sawhorse

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Part of the Animal Guide/ Animal Symbol Sticker Series from The Salvaged Sawhorse.

It's always a magical experience when a Hummingbird presents itself to us. Throughout the world's cultures, this adorable little bird has different meanings. Below are common threads of what it symbolizes:

- Enjoyment of life and lightness of being: Take time to enjoy life's simple pleasures and open up to the sweetness all around you.
- Hummingbirds move quickly, can fly backwards, and change directions swiftly: You are flexible and can easily adapt to the unexpected. You accommodate to life's circumstances.
- Sensitivity: Very perceptive to nuances of emotions or movement in your environment. A hummingbird is a reminder that we can be sensitive and feel all the things but still fly strong and quickly without getting swept up from one emotion to the next.
- Hummingbird migrate, traveling great distances to Central America during the winter months: Those that identify with the hummingbird are tenacious, resilient and can accomplish what seems impossible while still enjoying life.
- Healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy
- a reminder that our happiness lies within us

All the stickers in the Animal Guide series are dishwasher safe for tumblers, safe for outdoor use and scratch resistant.

Hand painted whale vinyl sticker with gold foil.
Measurements: 4"x 4"