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All Natural Dry Shampoo

MW Soapworks

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If you haven't tried dry shampoo before, give this formula a try. It is a simple recipe that helps rid your hair of that greasy appearance between normal hair washings. No fillers and no yucky aerosol spray.

When we're at events, we still get a lot of questions about dry shampoo. If you have oily or greasy hair, you might want to try it out. When your hair appears greasy, you are tempted to wash it more often but your scalp needs some sebum to stay healthy and nourished. If you wash your hair too often, you may be stripping your scalp and hair of those healthy oils, sometimes causing your scalp to think it's simply not producing enough oil for your body's needs - so it ups production! And the cycle continues. With dry shampoo, you are applying the dry shampoo to dry hair for just a couple minutes to absorb only excess oil, leaving the hair happy and moisturized.

We encourage you to find a routine that works for YOU with hair care but the most popular way to use this dry shampoo is on dry hair on days you are choosing not to wash your hair or on days you discover you don't have time! Simply sprinkle a small amount into your palm, rub between hands to distribute a little, and transfer to your hair. If you have shorter hair, you can simply rub hands throughout your hair and scalp. If you have longer hair, using a makeup brush to apply dry shampoo to your roots works really well! Leave the shampoo in for a couple minutes to absorb excess oils and then brush out over a sink. Style as you normally would and have a fabulous day!

Packaged in a 2 ounce glass spice-style jar with powder sifter.