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All Natural Laundry Powder - Unscented

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Looking for ways to make your home cleaning more eco-friendly? Look no further! We've finalized our All Natural Laundry Powder and are ready to share it's glory with you! Simply add a small amount to your laundry machine and leave it to work it's magic! Our formula will leave your laundry fresh, without sending any yucky chemicals down the drain or leaving them on your clothes.

Ingredients: Washing Soda, Borax, Saponified Coconut Oil, Distilled Water

Available in a 16 ounce compostable bag.

This soap is made using a wooden mold using the traditional cold process soap method. We always make our soaps in small batches to ensure quality and never put anything in our soaps that we wouldn´t happily put on our skins ourselves. Every recipe is tested and approved!

As this is a homemade soap and at the mercy of the chemical process of soapmaking, each batch may vary slightly in appearance.