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Bug Off Camping Soap

MW Soapworks

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Bug Off Camping Soap - a natural solution to your insect repelling needs!

Showering with this soap before enjoying the outdoors will help keep your insect friends at bay. For an extra layer of protection, wet the soap bar and apply gently to the cuffs of your clothing and anywhere near exposed skin. This always works wonders for us when camping and it smells great!

As with all of our other soaps, this bar is made with moisturizing oils with a high output of bubbles to cleanse your skin. Gentle enough to be a whole body bar.

This soap is made using a wooden mold using the traditional cold process soap method. We always make our soaps in small batches to ensure quality and never put anything in our soaps that we wouldn't happily put on our skins ourselves. Every recipe is tested and approved!

Each bar weighs approximately 4 ounces. When we want to go beyond natural scents in our soaps, we always use phthalate-free fragrance oils. For this particular bar, we only use pure essential oils.

As this is a homemade soap and at the mercy of the chemical process of soapmaking, each batch may vary slightly in color. If this is a concern for you and would like to see the exact soap bar you will be purchasing, please feel free to send us a message!

Handmade soaps will last longer if kept dry between uses. Use a draining soap dish with your handmade, natural soaps to prolong their life!