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Classic Curved Restaurant 9.5mm Glass Straw

Drinking Straws Glass

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These beautiful clear glass drinking straws are great for sipping coffee, water, organic juices, and more! There is a reusable cleaning brush included helping make cleaning your glass straw a little bit easier.

They are 9.5 mm diameter glass straws which is about the same as most standard drinking straws. This is the best straw to travel with since it works with most beverages including a smoothie or milkshake.

Available in 6.25", 8" and 10" lengths.

• Handmade in Washington state!
• Lifetime Guaranteed against breakage (less than half a percent in 12 years)
• Glass is clear and the only straw that you can tell it is clean
• Glass is an insulator and protects your lips with hot or frozen beverages
• Glass has no flavor unlike stainless steel, silicone, plastic, or paper
• Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, comes with a cleaning brush

Made for us by Jeremy and Kattie of Glass Drinking Straws. All products are handmade with love with hopes to create a world with less single-use plastics starting with the straw. They've been helping communities go plastic straw-free for over 11 years! Based in Selah, Washington.