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Socially Distanced Pow Wow Art Print

Savannah LeCornu

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This print features two fancy dancers during a socially distanced pow wow. Inspired by ledger art, an art style used by indigenous artists to document aspects of their lives and culture on ledger paper.

Printed on 8x10 Lustre Photo Inkjet paper.


We are honored to carry art from local Bellingham artist Savannah LeCornu. As part of the Tsimshian (Wolf Clan), Haida, Athabascan, Nez Perce tribes, and First Nations Nisga'a, Savannah creates pieces to honor her rich indigenous heritage using a technique traditional to the Coastal tribes, often called Northwest Formline. When asked about her art, Savannah says she "works in this medium to stay close to her cultural identity, to help preserve it for future generations, and to provide the community with affordable art that reflects a diverse heritage."