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Polyamory Pride Flag - 2' x 3'

Flags For Good

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Polyamory pride flag (new 2022 design) with grommets and double stitched edges to reduce fraying.

The Design: The new tricolor polyamorous pride flag was created by Red Howell in a contest voted on by 30,827 polyamorous people. This is the design that won and is now considered the official polyamorous pride flag!

A white chevron flows outward to depict the growth and possibility of the non-monogamous community. It sits asymmetrically on the flag to reflect the non-traditional style of polyamorous relationships. 

The heart reminds us that love in all forms is the core of non-monogamy.

As in the original polyamory flag: 

Red stands for love and attraction.

Blue stands for openness and honesty. 

However, this redesign also makes thoughtful alterations: 

Gold represents the energy and perseverance of those in the non-monogamous community.

Purple to represent a united non-monogamous community.