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Vaccination Card Holder - Soccer Balls


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Vaccination cards have become an essential document everyone will need to carry with them when traveling. This stylish card holder will keep your Covid-19 vaccination card protected and within reach.

* Keep your vaccine card safe with this beautiful and functional Vinyl case and protector. Fits up to 4.25" x 3.13" cards.
* This protective sleeve is removable, allowing you to safely take out your card to have updated information added as needed.
* Multi-use storage case for other documents.
* A thoughtful gift for friends and family, teachers, nurses, doctors, frontline workers, colleagues, volunteers, neighbors, and more.

Created for us by Yay Novelty, a Seattle based lifestyle brand founded by Sunchea Phou. Sunchea is a Cambodian Holocaust survivor that uses her business to help fund construction and food programs in Cambodia. We are proud to carry her items, which help fund her charity work. Her next project is the construction of a nursing home for elderly residents of Cambodia whose children were killed in the genocide.