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Wild Spice Black Tea

Lit Rituals

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Around the world tea ceremonies are part of everyday life. From the manner in which it is prepared, the tools used to brew it, to the relaxation the herbs induce, tea is a beverage that generates both community through sharing a pot and peaceful solitude sipping a cup in your cozy home.

This Wild Spice Black Tea is a 2oz pouch of Fair Trade loose leaf tea. Flowery Orange Pekoe black tea leaves are often referred to as the "burgundy of teas" for their full-bodied, slightly fruity flavor. To enhance these flavors Lit Rituals infused the black tea with organic spices and herbs of cardamom, orange peel, and lavender.

Made for us by the fine folks at Lit Rituals, based out of Fairfield, California. Founders Caitlin and Christina strive to create products that are environmentally friendly that won't irritate your lungs. Their ingredients are organic, sustainably wild-harvested, and sourced from local farms.